Poet Gallery

Poetry gallery

LanguageandCulture.net Presents
The Animal
Prose poetry by Louis E. Bourgeois

Anochecer / Nightfall
Spanish Poetry and Translation by Marie Delgado Travis

Simple Observations
by Linda Seacrest

Tales of Bureaucrats
by Michael Ceraolo

Lines from Three Lands: Part I – Poems from Russia
by John Woodsworth

Like a Woman
by Susan Wilson

Found in Translation
poems and selected translations by John Compton

by Marian Kaplun Shapiro

by Anna Akhmatova
translated by Dr. Milton Ehre

In An Unguarded Moment
by Hanny Michaelis
translated by Judith Wilkinson

An Outsider in the Americas
by Jabez W. Churchill

The Third Elegy
Die dritte Elegie
by Rainer M. Rilke
translated by Dr. Georg Albrecht and Liz Fortini