About the Publishers

Language and Culture was started over ten years ago for people to learn about the Oberammergau in Germany. A local travel agent and German Culture historian highlighted the Passion Play and the town of Oberammergau where the event is held every 10 years. Informational seminars continue from time to time to present unique language or cultural aspects of an area. In addition, travel films, where to obtain literature on that area or country and a guest speaker are part of these seminars. Language and Culture informal seminars have been held at the Pleasanton Library in Pleasanton, California with help and donations from friends. Our city is 45 minutes east of San Francisco.

Past Seminars:
‘Exploring Tuscany: Italy’s Romantic and Culinary Getaway’. The seminar included history and language acquisition

‘A View of Ireland: Continuing Oral Traditions’. The seminar included Gaelic myth and history seen through the Anglo-Irish movement and the poetry of William Butler Yeats

‘Highlights of Russian Language and Music’. The seminar presented how unique cultural forces create a heritage of literature and music rarely seen and heard outside Russia

‘Trade Winds: Cultural Dynamics of the Azores’. How Emigration and Democracy have shaped oceanic islands

Poetic Medley Selections of poetry read in different languages including French, Spanish, German, Urdu, Turkish, Italian and Russian as well as English translations of poetry from China and Israel. Noted writers included Rilke, Yeats, Emre and Oliver. Area Linguists and Poets were the readers.

In the Footsteps of Children of the Sun and Conquistadors: Peru chronicles, a Modern Progression. Native Peruvians talked about customs and trends of Peru, as well as a display of local dress, weaves and pottery. The Quechuan language was introduced.

Translators and poets work on original pieces and translations of poems. We offer a poetry contest and encourage submissions. Liz Fortini, the publisher, has been teaching Italian for four years. With a B.A. and grad work in transformational grammar, she continues to explore different languages and their current trends. The seminar on Ireland detailed the decline of the Celtic languages.
We enjoy the challenge of continuing our studies of foreign languages having lived overseas or learned a second language in high school or university.

Many thanks, Liz