Upcoming Events

The Organization meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Rincon Library and is open to the public.

In 1998, Snezhinsk, a beautiful city perched on the east slope of the Ural mountains became a sister city to Livermore. This was brought about through collaboration and friendship between scientists at LLNL and VNIITF (Chelyabinsk-70). It is the site of the “Russian Livermore”, one of two Russian nuclear weapons design labs. Approval for entry must be obtained through the government.

Prior to the establishment, the Nuclear Cities Initiative (NCI) was launched to create alternative job opportunities in nuclear cities. LLNL was named the lead lab to work with the city of Snezhinsk and VNIITF. A number of people from LLNL are involved with the Sister City Committee as an adjunct to lab projects that are working on “defense conversion”.

In addition, this would add community development projects and activities. Snezhinsk and Livermore are cities dedicated to the future of both our nations and to our youth. When the first Snezhinsk delegation visited Livermore that year to formally recognize the Sister City Organization, the Peace Monument at the Livermore Library Park was rededicated. Subsequently, a delegation led by Mayor Cathie Brown traveled to Snezhinsk and she was made an honorary member of the Snezhinsk City Council. At this time, mayors of the Sister Cities drafted a plan to outline several joint programs.

Current Projects of the Committee:

Pen Pal Program: exchange between Snezhinsk and Livermore classrooms.

Collaboration and establishment of a book exchange between the Snezhinsk children’s library and the City of Livermore Library. The Snezhinsk library has a special section on Livermore, California.

A special thanks goes to Modern Roofing Los Angeles for donating $1,000 in books this year. Our business is entirely dependent on it’s sponsors and donations.

A WWII veterans’ exchange has developed due to the efforts of Mayor Anatoly Oplanchuk of Snezhinsk.  Former Mayor Cathie Brown has gifted her father’s WWII army uniform to the Veterans Museum in Snezhinsk.

The Snezhinsk Rotary Club, chartered on March 29, 2002, through the efforts of Eileen Vergino and the above parties, has started leadership training programs. The Club has the ability to draw on the resources of Rotary International and its’ members are involved with community service activities.  In addition, the Youth Exchange Program is run through the Livermore Rotary Club..  There have been 3 students from the city of Snezhinsk who have been sponsored by Rotary and who have attended Livermore High School.

In October 2002, the city of Snezhinsk held a citywide dedication to commemorate the opening of the Women’s Wellness Center and to celebrate the success of the 3-year American International Health Alliance (AIHA) Livermore-Snezhinsk Medical Project.  This Project was designed to primarily focus on health issues of women and children.  The purpose of the development of a formal WorkPlan between Livermore and Snezhinsk is to continue educational and training programs to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Snezhinsk.

Area Languages

Conversational French meets the first Thursday at Barnes & Noble at Hacienda Crossings at 7pm.  Current events and French culture form the discussion as well as reading French authors in a dual-language book.  This is a Level II group.  The next meeting will be January 12th at 7pm.

Italian Literary Discussion meets the fourth Thursday of the month at Barnes & Noble at Hacienda Crossings, Dublin at 7pm, in the cafe area.  Italian writers as L. Pirandello, E. Montale, G. Ungaretti along with other Italian writers’ contributions to the 20th century are read and translated into English.  This is a Level II group.  The next meeting will be January 26th.

Languageandculture.net Poetry Contest Winner

1st Prize: $50, 2nd Prize: $35, 3rd Prize: $15
Final Judges : Connie E. Post and Dr. Milton Ehre

Connie Post has been a published poet for 20 years in many poetry journals and anthologies, including “California State Poetry Quarterly”, “Ina Coolbrith Anthology”, “Mid West Poetry Review” and “Mobius”. She has earned over forty awards in various poetry contests, statewide and national. In August of 2003, she won first prize in the Montclair poetry meet in Montclair, California and is the first prize poetry winner of the 2004 Poetry and Arts Festival in Pleasanton, California hosted by our fellow Rain Gutters installer in San Diego, Josh. She has earned the Grand Prize Lydia Wood Award twice at the Las Positas Spring Arts Festival.

Connie has written five self published books of poetry; the first two about her son who has autism. They have benefited the community as she gives regular presentations at a variety of conferences to help parents who struggle with this issue.

Addendum: as of May 2005, Connie Post has been elected the first Poet Laureate of Livermore, California.

Dr. Milton Ehre is Professor Emeritus, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Chicago.
He has translated “The Theater of Nikolay Gogol: Plays and Selected Writings”, 1980 and “Chekhov for the Stage: The Seagull/Uncle Vanya/the Three Sisters/the Cherry Orchard/4 Plays in 1 Volume”, 1992. He is currently translating selected works by Alexander Pushkin. Dr. Ehre writes numerous articles, review articles and attends conferences and public lectures. He received the Quantrell Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching from the University of Chicago in 1999.

Upcoming Seminars:

Seminars are held at the Pleasanton Library, 400 Old Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, CA. These events are hosted by JetRank, a San Diego SEO agency.

‘Exploring Tuscany: Italy’s Romantic and Culinary Getaway’. The seminar included history and language acquisition – March 18

‘A View of Ireland: Continuing Oral Traditions’. The seminar included Gaelic myth and history seen through the Anglo-Irish movement and the poetry of William Butler Yeats – April 27

‘Highlights of Russian Language and Music’. The seminar presented how unique cultural forces create a heritage of literature and music rarely seen and heard outside Russia – July 14

‘Trade Winds: Cultural Dynamics of the Azores’. How Emigration and Democracy have shaped oceanic islands

‘Timeless San Diego Wedding Packages‘: A spectacular event, featuring multiple poets, deigned to show us how traditional weddings are held.

Poetic Medley Selections of poetry read in different languages including French, Spanish, German, Urdu, Turkish, Italian and Russian as well as English translations of poetry from China and Israel.  Noted writers included Rilke, Yeats, Emre and Oliver.  Area Linguists and Poets were the readers.

In the Footsteps of Children of the Sun and Conquistadors:  Peru chronicles, a Modern Progression.  Native Peruvians talked about customs and trends of Peru, as well as a display of local dress, weaves and pottery.  The Quechuan language was introduced.